Sunday, March 25, 2012


QuickTweet-n-Mail: Tweeting and mailing a piece of text or a picture is just a right click away!
Click  it and forgot the rest.

Click on above link and then continue, extension will be automatically installed in your browser.

This extension adds a very interesting feature for you, which makes your life easier. Now, you don't need to copy any text or link from a web page to mail some one or to tweet. You select the text and right click, you will found a new option in the right click menu:

QweekTweet-n-Mail>mail this text
                                         tweet this text

Same as for link, page or image, right click on link, page or image and chose your option.!!!!!!!!!!

If you are facing problem in mail function. Please go through the below link and set default mailto to gmail. Do the follwing steps:

  • Open Gmail in Google Chrome.
  • Click Use Gmail under Allow Gmail ( to open all email links?.
If Use Gmail does not appear in a toolbar at Google Chrome's top:
  • Click the wrench icon in your Google Chrome toolbar.
  • Select OptionsPreferences or Settings from the menu that comes up.
  • Go to the Under the Hood category.
  • Click Content Settings... under Privacy.
  • Make sure Allow sites to ask to become default handlers for protocols is selected under Handlers.
  • Click Manage Handlers....
  • Make sure Gmail is selected under Site for Type mailto under Active protocol handlers.
  • If Gmail appears for mailto under Ignored protocol handlers:
    • Click the x that appears to the right of the Gmail entry as you move the mouse cursor over it.
  • If Gmail does not appear as a choice for mailto under Active protocol handlers:
    • Visit Gmail again in a new Google Chrome tab.

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